Matthew Herchik

Fair Board Member Meets With County Commissioners

by Matthew Herchik on March 20, 2017 at 9:29 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — One member of the Muskingum County Fair Board met with the County Commissioner’s office today to discuss the state of the fairground and improvements that can be made.

Among the topics discussed were a more regular line of communication between the board and the commissioner’s office, as well as plans for an enhanced electrical grid to replace the existing system.

“It’s important to be transparent with the community around us; what our needs are and what our goals are. The existing electrical system we have over at the fairground needs a lot of attention maintenance wise, and replacement of certain things like transformers and some of the primary lines. And we’re looking to obtain funding to get that done,” said Board Member Dave Keiser.

Kesier explained that they have developed a two-year and five-year plan to replace the existing system and the cost for the first portion alone will be $180,000. They have applied for several grants and are exploring any avenue that they can to raise the necessary money. Keiser says they want to change from being simply a county fairground to a total exposition center that can be utilized year-round.

The board also approved a new pricing structure for this year that they hope will result in more community participation this summer. They hope to surpass 40,000 attendees this year.

“We used to have what you called a ‘one-price, pay-all’ type system where you pay one fee to get into the fairgrounds and that covers the rides and so-forth. Now we’re going to go back to basically the old system where you pay a fee to get into the fairgrounds, but it’s your choice whether you want to pay for the rides or other events going on,” added Keiser.

The Muskingum County Fair will be held August 13th-19th. Tickets can be purchased at the gates.