Karysa Kent

Motorcycling in Muskingum County

by Karysa Kent on March 20, 2017 at 4:34 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – For the last two years the Convention and Visitors Bureau has been working to get motorcycle enthusiasts into Muskingum County.


It all started when a few hotels started noticing the amount of bikers staying in town. One hotel went to the Convention and Visitors Bureau with their observation and suggested providing brochures with routes for the motorcyclist to take.

“So we came back and put one together and we gave all the hotels the brochure and since then we’ve been doing trade shows, getting the word out there,” Group Sales Manager Lori Kappes said “We’ve just been told that it’s a very popular area for riding and so we’re just capitalizing on that.”

Photo By: Quay DeVoll

The Convention and Visitors Bureau has four tours they promote the Hocking Hills Tour, Wayne Tour, Amish Country Tour, and the Triple Nickel Tour. The Triple Nickel Tour has become a very popular tour due to its tight turns, elevation changes, and scenery.

“I’m told that motorcyclist like it because it’s pretty technical, it’s not for those faint of heart,” Kappes said. “You really have to know what you’re doing and definitely pay attention.”

Kappes said for the last two years they’ve gone to The Cleveland Motorcycle Expo and have gotten great responses back from attendees and this year they went to The Indianapolis Motorcycle Expo and passed out a large amount of brochures to interested bikers.

“Everybody was really excited there too because they say ‘You know, the roads are not as hilly there, they’re more flat,” Kappes said. “So they like to come to this part of Ohio to ride because of that.”

Kappes said it’s also good to have all the bikers in town and invest in our local businesses, restaurants, and hotels.