Nathaniel Shutt

Nashport Business relocating to Downtown Zanesville

by Nathaniel Shutt on March 23, 2017 at 9:32 pm

Zanesville, Ohio- A new Childcare Center is opening in Zanesville.

The Little Barnyard Childcare Center will open Monday April 3rd and is located in Downtown Zanesville at 8 Main Street. Owner and Director, Andrea Campbell, explains they are relocating from Nashport to a bigger facility.

“We are relocating to the Downtown area. We’ve outgrown the Nashport location. That and then the area. We get a lot of calls from South Zanesville that don’t want to travel out to Nashport so we figured if we were in in Downtown we would be centrally located.”

The center will be open to children from six weeks to twelve years old and is offering a chance for everyone to tour the new location this weekend.

“We have our teachers coming, everyone can meet their teachers, see where the classrooms are get a feel for the location, parking lot, where you enter, the office, things like that. Our gymnasium, we have an indoor gymnasium which is different from our location right now. We only have an outdoor playing area, here we will have both. So everyone’s welcome to come Saturday from 12 to 4.”

For more information and to enroll your children call the center at 740-828-6112 or email Campbell at