Nathaniel Shutt

Columbia Gas Egg Hunt kicks off in Zanesville

by Nathaniel Shutt on April 6, 2017 at 11:27 pm

Zanesville, Ohio- Columbia Gas of Ohio launched a statewide egg hunt today.

The egg hunt will take place across nine cities in Ohio over the next eight days. Clues are given every day as the egg changes cities. The egg made its debut in Zanesville today at a local landmark with Communication Manager, Dave Rau.

“We’ve had people find us here at Toms today. We have a hundred-dollar prize that will be awarded to someone here in Zanesville. We came here first, we know Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl is a great local landmark. we gave people some clues on where to find the egg and they have been showing up and registering and its been great.”

The egg hunt is a way to raise awareness on natural gas and its unique smell.

“Natural gas has a rotten egg smell. We want to make sure people understand that smell and when they smell it to give us a call so that’s why we have these eggs that we are putting around the state so people know when they smell that rotten egg smell its natural gas give us a call.”

To report a smell of natural gas call Columbia Gas of Ohio at 1-800-344-4077