Nathaniel Shutt

CrossFit Contour opens in new location

by Nathaniel Shutt on April 20, 2017 at 6:26 pm


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local business is offering to help you get into that summer body at their new location.

CrossFit Contour opened its doors in 2014 here in Zanesville next to the Dollar General in the Sunrise Center and has recently moved next to the Fieldhouse. Director and Manager, Kendell Kane, explains they are excited for the possibilities at the new facility.

“We are super excited with the new space, we have a higher ceiling, we’ve got more space up here, more usable space. This also allows us to get new equipment in here so no we’ve got four plus rowers, we’ve got brand new plates, more bars and we have access to the track and an outdoor rig.”

While CrossFit may sound daunting, Kane notes cross fit is more personable with a coach always there to help you reach your goal.

“We have a process called on ramp so that we ensure that you are safely and effectively doing the movements and then also we will always have a coach on the floor in order to do the class that way you are never in a situation where you are not being watched to make sure you are doing things safely and correctly that way you get the best workout you can.”

For more information on CrossFit Contour and memberships you can visit their website at