Matthew Herchik

“Driver 4 Ur Community” Event Raises Money for United Way

by Matthew Herchik on April 22, 2017 at 6:39 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Dutro Ford held their “Drive 4 Ur Community” event in downtown Zanesville from 9-5 today.

Community members were asked to test drive vehicles in return for donations to the local United Way. Their goal was 200 or more test drivers, which would bring in over $4,000 for health, education, and income programming.

“We’ve had a really good turnout so far, we’ve had well over 100 people turnout so far. We’re very early into the day so please come out and support the United Way, they do a lot of things for the community. The money that we raise will stay locally here in the United Way for Perry-Morgan-Muskingum Counties so we invite you out today, it’s a beautiful day to test-drive a new Ford vehicle,” said Dave Wallace, the Sales Manager for Dutro Ford-Lincoln-Nissan.

Wallace added the event is a great opportunity for the test drivers to see the new Ford line and creates exposure to the Ford brand, but stresses that there is no sales pitch associated with anyone that comes in to test drive a vehicle today. He explains that any increase in sales that they receive after the event is only a benefit to the community as well with money being spent locally, and staying local.

There were 12 vehicles available to be test driven today including Mustangs, Expeditions, F-150’s, Fusions, Escapes, and more.

“We do have quite a lot going on at the moment, we have a fleet of cars as you can see behind me. Anyone can come down and take a ride in the vehicle of their choice, and of course we get that $20.00 from Ford towards community programs. It’s really great to see all the community coming out, many smiling, happy, familiar faces,” added Katie McNeil of the United Way of Muskingum-Perry-Morgan Counties.

The United Way invests in 17 different programs in health, education, and income, and all the funds received from today’s event go to support those programs.

The United Way also partnered with Ohio University this year as students volunteered time to assist with the event. McNeil thanked the community for all of their support, as well as Dutro Ford and the volunteers for making the event possible.