Matthew Herchik

EMA Completes Live, Full-Scale Exercise

by Matthew Herchik on April 8, 2017 at 6:54 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency held their live, full-scale exercise Saturday morning.

The exercise consisted of three “incidents” occurring in different areas of Muskingum County, and local responders were to treat them as if they were real events. The first event was a tornado which effected the Avondale area.

“So the scenario is there has been a tornado and severe storm and it’s affected the Avondale area where U.S. Route 22 and State Route 93, that location, and specifically the Avondale youth center as well; plus the businesses and homes. And emergency officials are on the scene, they’re doing search and rescue,” said Jennifer Hiestand, the Public Information Officer for the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department.

PIO’s were also expected to answer media questions as if they were real events. Hiestand added that as a result of the tornado there was large debris, power was out, power lines were down blocking roads, and a staging area was being set up for responders to work out of, assess the situation, and help the people in the area.

The other incident involved a car accident with a semi truck carrying hazardous materials, as well as a collision by a school bus.

“Today on State Route 146 we had an accident that involved a tanker truck with chemicals. It was also hit in the back by a bus, no fatalities, no critical injuries. 146 is closed from Adams Ln. to Musselman Dr. so please try to avoid this area,” added Kris Medley, the Public Information Officer Assistant for ZMCHD.

Medley also said that everyone was being transported to Genesis Hospital, who was also involved in the exercise to work on procedures for high patient volume in the event of a casualty.

Almost 200 local responders were involved in today’s exercise. The events were wrapped up around Noon after which a review of the morning took place.