Briana Malaska

Funds approved for Zane State campus renovations

by Briana Malaska on April 11, 2017 at 4:56 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Zane State campus can expect some upgrades in their future.

Senator Troy Balderson announced the release of state capital funds for upgrades to the campus center building at Zane State College. An initial $53,000 was approved by the Ohio Controlling Board to begin the engineering of the renovations.

President of Zane State College, Dr. Chad Brown, said it’s an upgrade that’s necessary.

“We’re very grateful to the governor and to the legislature for in 2016 seeing a need for a capital budget. Because a lot of the struggle was deferred maintenance issues and it’s our only opportunity to get dollars there actually allocated just to continue to upkeep the investment that the state has already made,” said Dr. Brown.

In a statement, Balderson concurred.

“I am proud to support investments in area colleges and universities,” Balderson said. “We are grateful for our local partners at Zane State who played an important role in identifying this priority project.”

The funds allotted are for the lighting and climate control systems in the building. An upgrade Dr. Brown said plays a bigger factor in educational quality than many may think.

“Parts of the building operate extremely hot in the summer [and] extremely cold for the winter so that really creates an inefficiency for the building,” said Dr. Brown. “It influences the amount of time you can spend in the classroom [and] the quality of the time in the classroom.”

The renovation will total $650,000. The improvements are set to help reduce overall energy costs for the college.