Nathaniel Shutt

Muskingum University hosts Presidential Inauguration

by Nathaniel Shutt on April 7, 2017 at 5:52 pm

New Concord, Ohio – Muskingum University welcomed their 21st president today.

The university held a presidential inauguration ceremony this afternoon honoring their new president, Dr. Susan Hasseler. Dr. Hasseler grew up in Michigan dedicating her whole life to education and is excited for the new opportunity at Muskingum.

“Muskingum is based on a long tradition but also a tradition of being very innovating and very centered on learners and so we are looking to build on that in the future, new partnerships, and presents in the region, really connect our students with the kinds of resources they need to learn and grow. Do the kind of innovating we really need to do to make sure that our students are prepared to serve. ”

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hal Burlingame, explains they were searching for a president that would respect the university’s history and look at where they are and where the university might go and believes he found that innovation in Dr. Hasseler

” If you look at her background she has done that again, again and again. She has a passion for education that is very very deep I can tell you that from my many conversations with her. all of that and so many other things came through in our discussions with her that there was no question about who the person needed to be, unanimous decision that is what happened.”

The university will end its week-long inauguration celebration with a day of community service tomorrow.