Nathaniel Shutt

This Saturday marks National Secure Your ID Day

by Nathaniel Shutt on April 20, 2017 at 2:10 pm


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- This Saturday marks the National Secure Your ID Day.

Securing your ID is an ever-growing task in today’s society and the Better Business Bureau has highlighted a four-week plan to keep your ID safe. President of the BBB of Central Ohio, Kip Morse, explains the first step should be to make sure your computers are clean.

“You wanna make sure the protective software you have is actually working. Do some scans make sure you don’t have any kinds of malware or software that’s running in the background that’s either doing damage or collecting information or slowing down your machine. That would be a step one before you make any additional changes.”

Morse also notes that although you hear it all the time, the second step should be to make sure your passwords are secure.

“You hear that all the time, and you say well I’ve got too many and I will change them when I have to. The idea is that you wanna make sure that you are not using any kind of consistent format and you are going through and making sure that all the passwords are secure in a fashion that is not simply you wanna add a symbol to it, add a number, you know you kind of wanna mix it up a bit.”

For more information on the four-week plan and ways to secure your ID visit the BBB’s website¬†at