Matthew Herchik

SEO Symphony Orchestra Performs “Out of This World” Concert

by Matthew Herchik on April 23, 2017 at 5:55 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — If you didn’t make it out to Brown Chapel at Muskingum University this evening, you missed an “Out of This World” musical experience.

The Southeast Ohio Symphony Orchestra performed their final show of the season tonight; a production that included music from many popular space-themed shows and movies.

“This is the final concert of the season and it’s very exciting. We’ve had an ‘Out of This World’ season and this is our Out of This World spectacular concert with music like Star Wars and Stark Trek and all this great stuff and that’s tonight at 7 o’clock. We even have some visuals, a little slide show going to the side that has planets and some cool space shots from NASA. As well as we’re doing Apollo 13, which is the music from the movie, but of course the true crew we have photos of them. As well as we’re dedicating that to John Glenn, so we have some neat photos of John Glenn as well,” said Dr. Laura E. Schumann, the Music Director and Conductor for the Southeast Ohio Symphony Orchestra.

While Schumann is responsible not only for programming, as well as conducting, tonight she put together a special piece to honor one of her favorite musicians.

“In this case I just kind of thought it would be really cool, we decided to do this ‘Out of This World’ season, so I thought, ‘out of this world, you kinda’ gotta’ have some space music somewhere in there. I’m a big fan of David Bowie, and of course he passed last year…and I arranged ‘Space Oddity’ for orchestra and I will sing it. So it should be a pretty cool show,” added Schumann.

The Southeast Ohio Symphony Orchestra’s next season will begin in October. Season tickets for next year were available at tonight’s show, however, those interested in season tickets that were unable to purchase them tonight can do so on their website at