Nathaniel Shutt

Spirit of Women hosts annual Girls Night Out

by Nathaniel Shutt on April 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio- Genesis Spirit of Women hosted their eleventh annual Girls Night Out this evening.

The event was held at Pritchard Civic Center in Cambridge and the theme this year was “Its time for me”. Shelly Kiser, a Community Relations Consultant at Genesis, told us about some of the activities at the event.

“We had the Museum of Art here making art journals, we had adult coloring stations, we had a palm reader, we had someone doing reflexology, we had some salons here doing services, we had doctors doing health screenings, we had some speakers talking about health issues in woman.”

Kiser says the event was part of the spirit of women program that aims to educate woman in a fun manner.

“Its part of our Spirit of Women Program. We have about 3,800 members around our six county area and it just focuses on having fun but learning about taking care of your health at the same time.”

For more information on upcoming events visit the Genesis Spirit of Women’s website at