Alexa Helwig

172nd Muskingum University Commencement Ceremony

by Alexa Helwig on May 6, 2017 at 9:15 pm

NEW CONCORD, Ohio – 330 students graduated in the 172nd Commencement Ceremony at Muskingum University.

College students lined the streets of campus before heading into the Anne C. Steele Center to celebrate their undergraduate achievements.

All students were dressed in black gowns, and some even decorated their caps with quotes and pictures.

Susan Hasseler, President of Muskingum University said, “They have only just begun. They have a lifetime to explore, discover, and create. We are so glad they started their journey with us.”

The keynote speaker at this year’s ceremony, Suzi Egli-Hanna, was once a student at Muskingum University. It’s where she met her husband, Jack Hanna, a well known zookeeper.

Hanna told the graduates about her passion for animals, and hopes the lesson they take away from her speech, is to follow what they love, just like she did.

Before the students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, Hanna brought out some special guests for the students -a penguin, sloth, and two cheetahs