Matthew Herchik

Baker Street topic of concern at City Council

by Matthew Herchik on May 8, 2017 at 10:12 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Concerns about local violence are rapidly increasing and one community member spoke up on the issue.

A local Baker St. resident spoke at tonight’s City Council meeting about the all too prevalent violence near her home and petitioned for the city and law enforcement to step up their efforts. Zanesville Police Chief Tony Coury addressed the concerns as well.

“Well, I think that Baker St. has it’s own unique problems. We are working with our county prosecutors and our city law director to see what our options are, see what we can do down there. By far it’s not the only street that has problems, it’s not the only area in Zanesville that we have crime in,” said Chief Coury.

While the entirety of Baker St. does not experience the violence that same parts do, Coury says they have issues with abandon houses, as well as young people coming to the area that residents do not want around.

Additionally, with summertime approaching and the weather starting to get warmer, Coury adds that conflicts can arise with people spending more time outside.

“As we have seen in the past, there’s a young group of people in that area that want to be outside and sometimes there is a conflict. Hopefully with our presence down there and enough of the community members voicing their opinion that they do not want that problem down there that we’ll be able to clean it up,” Coury explained.

Chief Coury also says he and his staff are still investigating a reported drive-by shooting that occurred on Baker St. on April 18th.