Matthew Herchik

Muskingum County Juvenile Court to get new vehicles

by Matthew Herchik on May 15, 2017 at 8:34 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The probation staff at the Muskingum County Juvenile Court will be getting two new vehicles in the near future.

Court Director Robert Smith met the with County Commissioners this afternoon to let them know they were interested in purchasing the vehicles for their staff and to discuss how the transaction would take place.

“We came down to advise the Commissioners that we would like to buy two vehicles for our probation department staff to use on their daily jobs, and wanted to inform them about the details of the transaction and get their blessing to make the purchase,” said Smith.

Smith explained they would be trading in two current vehicles, and while it’s not necessarily approval he needs from the Commissioners, he wants to make sure everyone is on the same page when they receive that larger-than-normal bill.

“I don’t think that we necessarily need to get their approval, but it would be a relatively big bill by our standards coming across the desk and we wanted to let them be aware of what the bill was for and also about the trade-in values for the cars we received,” he added.

Smith says that among the problems they see with the majority of their juveniles are drug use– mainly marijuana– as well as truancy. He adds that Judge Martin has a truancy initiative in place to identify which students at the beginning of the school year are missing school, and plans to get them back.

The probation offers play an important rule for these juveniles not only acting as the eyes of the court and reporting any issues should they get into trouble, but more importantly, the officers can act as mentors to these juveniles and provide them with help and advice on how to succeed in life.

The Juvenile Court has six probation officers on staff who, for the most, part drive to schools, health and youth centers, and local social service and mental health agencies.