Nathaniel Shutt

Genesis Healthcare System Celebrates their 20th Anniversary

by Nathaniel Shutt on June 28, 2017 at 7:01 pm


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- One local healthcare provider is celebrating two decades of service to the community.

Genesis Healthcare System celebrates their 20th Anniversary this year after forming in 1997 as a merging if Bethesda Care Systems and The Good Samaritan Medical Center. Since then, Genesis continues to serve and give back in a way that is honoring for CEO, Matthew Perry.

“Another thing that we are very proud of is the amount of community benefit that we offer our community, things such as uncompensated care, charity care, things of that nature, exceeds 30 million dollars a year and I don’t think that is something that people really understand and its our way of giving back to this community. We serve everybody regardless of their ability to pay for services.”

As part of the celebration, Genesis hosted an Employee Appreciation event on June 28th. Two of those employees, Taresa Freeland and Cheryl Hunt, explained what keeps them working at Genesis since they started seven years ago.

” I love to help people and I love our community and everyday I come to work I help people in a variety of capacities.” said Freeland. “It’s like a big family and you meet a lot of nice people and taking care of the patients is our number on priority. Patients are the main reason why we are all here.” said Hunt.

Freeland and Hunt hope to continue serving patients with their Genesis family for many years to come.