Nathaniel Shutt

Ohio Flags of Honor hosts Opening Ceremony

by Nathaniel Shutt on June 9, 2017 at 9:41 pm


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local organization is honoring fallen soldiers this weekend.

Ohio Flags of Honor travels throughout Ohio with a flag memorial honoring fallen soldiers of the war of Iraq and Afghanistan and they have made a stop at Zanesville High School. Flags were put up this evening as part of the opening ceremony where every soldiers name was announced and honored with the ringing of a bell. Several elected officials were there to help read the names of fallen soldiers, one of those being Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz.

“Just honored to be asked to come here and take part. Get to read about 10 names as they come across and just thinking about the names and the history and the families and what they did and obviously their sacrifices for us its really a no brainer to come here and just glad to be able to help honor them.”

Ohio State Senator Troy Balderson was also in attendance.

“This is the most humbling thing that I have ever done and to stand up there and give names of woman and men who have given their life for me and for the rest of this country and the realization that of that hitting is pretty powerful when you are standing there and going down through those names but then even when you are not going through the names and you are sitting there in the front row and you are watching, listening to the other names that are being called.”

The flag memorial will be viewable until Sunday at 1pm.