Brian Armstrong

Hull Pottery pieces range from a dollar to $1300

by Brian Armstrong on July 15, 2017 at 6:22 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Hull Pottery show and sale kicked off its second day at Crooksville High School.

There were over 30 pottery dealers at the show having a range of pottery for sale. The cheapest piece was just a dollar. The most expensive piece was $1,300.

“This is a very rare pig,” said pottery dealer Jackie Bush. “It’s the Razorback pig. It usually comes in the chocolate brown or the mere-brown. This (the pig) has been hand painted and glazed over. This (the pig) is another rare piece.”

Bush said she collects pottery to be a part of the pottery community. She also enjoys taking the pottery to southern Ohio because this area was so important in pottery making history.

“We enjoy bringing the pottery, not just for the sake of the pottery and meeting the old employees from the factor,” said Bush. “We also, all the dealers, it’s like a family reunion. There’s a good kinship between all of us.”

The show has now wrapped up, but many of the pottery collectors plan on continuing the tradition of coming to this area, every year.