Brian Armstrong

Stuff the bus has been providing school donations for over 20 years

by Brian Armstrong on July 15, 2017 at 6:01 pm
ZANESVILLE, Ohio- To the happiness of most parents, the start of school isn’t far away.

Delta Kappa Gamma and East Side Community Ministry have partnered up to make sure all the kids going to school will have all the supplies they need to succeed in school.

“What we try and do is make sure all kids have an equal footing and a successful way to start the school year, by packing backpacks for them,” said Retired Teacher Judy Emmons.

People were able to either donate money or buy school supplies at Wal-Mart on Maple and drop it off right outside the store. All the donations will go to the kids in this area.

“This project is for all the children in the Muskingum area,” said Emmons. “It’s not Zanesville City Schools, but all the county schools and we know with the interest in our students and their success that this is a way to get them going in the right direction, right off the bat, that first day of school.”

If you weren’t able to donate today, you are still able to donate at East Side until August tenth.