Brian Armstrong

Zanesville Community Theatre brings back an old play

by Brian Armstrong on July 16, 2017 at 4:15 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Zanesville Community Theatre is now performing Blithe Spirit.

The play was performed in Zanesville thirteen years ago, and now it’s back with advancements in technology.

“We saw the national tour with Angela Lansbury that went through a couple of years ago,” said Director Melanie Von Gunten. “She only did four cities, so we went to Washington D.C. to see her. We saw some of the special effects that they did, and we decided it would be a nice place to revisit. Also to see what we could accomplish in terms of special effects here.”

In respect to not spoiling the show, we aren’t able to tell about any of the special effects.

“If I give too many secrets away, they will probably make me hide,” said Gunten “We have all kinds of things that we literally experience the house coming down.”

If you would like to know show times or purchase tickets go to ZCT.Org