Brian Armstrong

Zanesville Police Department has four new hires

by Brian Armstrong on July 7, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Zanesville, Ohio- Zanesville Police department has hired four new police officers.

The new officer’s names are Eric Finley, Chase Lanning, Jeremy Downing, and Cody Dent. Eric Finley says he is joining the police force in part to follow in his fathers foot steps and the process to this point has taken a while.

“It’s taken a little over a year going through civil service written exam, fitness tests, psychological evaluations, and even further into the stress test and fitness test,” said Finley.

Chief Tony Coury says the new hires are taking place as a way to fill positions that have been vacated over the past few months due to retirements.

“Through attrition we have officers retiring every month it seems,” said Chief Coury. “These guys are replacing guys that have left and we are able now to put a couple more young bodies on the street. The ones that are going out on the road will be ready in about 12 weeks. The ones going to the academy it will be several months before they come back.”

The training process involves learning the policies, getting proper equipment, and learning more about the Zanesville Police Department.