Brian Armstrong

Down Bikers Fundraising money for other bikers

by Brian Armstrong on August 12, 2017 at 3:27 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  The Down Bikers Fund held their 26th annual Poker Run fundraiser.

The organization helps fellow bikers who are in need of assistance. President of the Down Bikers Fund, Jack Morgan, said sometimes that means just being there for the person. Other times it means helping out financially. He said the event allows bikers to enjoy a great riding opportunity as well as providing the opportunity to give back.

“Every penny we make here today goes right back into the biker community,” said Morgan. “The money helps bikers who are down and out or just down on their luck and need a little help. Just whatever we can do to help out to help our own.”

Morgan said the Down Bikers Fund has either directly or indirectly helped almost every rider at the event. He said his whole family is part of the organization.

“My whole family does this,” said Morgan. “My parents, my sister, my son, my wife, and myself. To be honest, like all these people, I consider all of them my family. We all try to look after each other and help out and do what we can.”

Morgan said they hope to have raised between $13,000- $15,000.