Brian Armstrong

Honor the Service: World War II

by Brian Armstrong on August 26, 2017 at 3:07 pm

HEATH, Ohio-  A World War Two traveling memorial made a stop at the Newark-Heath Airport August 26th, 2017.

The exhibit honored soldiers that served in WWII. The memorial featured World War Two planes, as well as tributes to veterans and fallen soldiers. President of Friendship Club and event coordinator, Janice Wilkin, said this event has been months in the making.

“We started in January with the determination of bringing in the traveling wall for the WWII group,” said Wilkin. “From that point, we started with fundraising. It’s been amazing. Step-by-step as we got funds to pay for things we kept adding to it.”

Wilkin said this event is so important because the people who served in WWII deserve to be honored and remembered.

“We’re losing our WWII guys,” said Wilkin. “They’re becoming history everyday. Some that we talked with on their phone, have since then passed away. It’s important for us to honor the greatest generation. They gave a large amount of sacrifice to give us our freedom. It’s time now to give it back to them, and it’s important to do it now before they’re all gone.”

Tune into August 27th, 2017 newscast for an up-close look inside one of the planes built during WWII.