Brian Armstrong

Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair ride safety

by Brian Armstrong on August 15, 2017 at 4:11 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  The Zanesville Rotary Club was out at the Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair.

They welcomed the Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, John Schlichter, as their guest speaker. Schlichter oversees the division of Plant Health, Livestock Environmental Permitting, and Amusement Ride Safty. He said he hasn’t seen any change in the mechanic inspection of rides since the Columbus accident because the ride inspectors always do a great job.

“Our inspectors do a great job,” said Schlichter. “Every week, every day at these fairs and other establishments. They are consistent and they’ve always done a great job. We haven’t seen any change (in ride inspection) because they are very conscientious in what they do and how they handle things.”

Schlichter said the rides are inspected correctly. He also says the fair is a great way to see the agriculture of the state of Ohio.

“Look at the economic development that it brings into these communities,” said Schlichter. “It is agriculture at its finest. People from the city get to see the animals. People who aren’t familiar with animals get to come and see them. I don’t think it gets any better than this.

Schlichter says he expects the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture will be at the fair later this week.