North Terrace Church of Christ free stuff giveaway

by Brian Armstrong on August 5, 2017 at 4:43 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- North Terrace Church of Christ had their annual free stuff giveaway.

North Terrace has collected donations over the past several weeks to be able to give away numerous things for free. The line to enter the building extended down the block. Student Minister, Stephen Warner, said it’s great to give back.

“We have people from our church who bring in tons of stuff,” said Warner. “Stuff that we don’t need so that we can give it to people who do need it. Our church mission is “One More,” One of the values we have is One More Need Met. The reason we do this is to meet the needs of people.”

People were able to receive Items such as clothes, dishes, TVs, and furniture all for free. Warner said every item makes a difference in the community.

“We have clothing items, we have household items, down in the back we have big ticket items,” said Warner. “A lot of people get excited about the big ticket items. They head back there first. It’s a way to show how God meets their physical needs.”

Warner said about 1500 people were able to benefit from the giveaway.