Briana Malaska

Ohio oil, gas industry leaders host annual meeting

by Briana Malaska on August 7, 2017 at 7:28 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) hosted their annual summer meeting at the Zanesville Country Club.

The two-day meeting was a chance for more than 300 operators, suppliers, contractors and industry affiliates to get together for fun and professional development.

Shawn Bennett, OOGA Executive Vice President, said the oil and gas industry is the third most important industry in the state of Ohio.

“So not only do we bring energy, we provide well-paying jobs as well as royalties to land owners across the state,” said Bennett. “When you look at this industry in the state of Ohio, while it’s largely unnoticed from people outside of the oil and gas producing region it provides significant benefits for all Ohioans.”

Bennett said the industry has seen a downturn in previous years, but that trend is expected to change.

“We’re starting to see better pricing in natural gas as well as oil and as we continue to see that upswing in the pricing you’ll see more development take place. So again, as people look at where their next well will be drilled, they have to look at the prices and see if they correlate and make sure they’re economical. As prices rebound we’ll continue to see more activity rebound as well,” said Bennett.

The Annual Oil Field Patriot Award was presented to GonzOil, Inc., owned by brothers Doug and Frank Gonzalez based out of Canton, Ohio. The award is sponsored by Producers Service Corporation, a Zanesville company.

The award recognizes excellence in the industry of those who have made significant contributions to protect, promote and advance common interests of those engaged in all aspects of the Ohio crude oil and natural gas industry, as stated by OOGA.