Brian Armstrong

Ohio Senator Troy Balderson welcomes incoming students to Muskingum University

by Brian Armstrong on August 29, 2017 at 3:13 pm

NEW CONCORD, Ohio-  Ohio Senator, Troy Balderson, was the guest speaker at Muskingum University’s Convocation as the school starts its new academic year.

Senator Balderson talked to all of Muskingum University’s incoming freshmen, some returning students, and faculty about what the school can offer them. He told stories about going to Muskingum University and how much the school has changed since he first arrived on campus in 1980. Senator Balderson said he made a trip on his motorcycle a few weeks ago to see what he remembers and what is new.

“Being up here and I see how much drastic (change) and improvement as well as how much Muskingum University has grown,” said Senator Balderson. “Also, the school had a name change. It was Muskingum College in 1980.”

Muskingum University’s President, Dr. Susan Hasseler, said it’s wonderful to have Senator Balderson come to the school and speak to the incoming students. She said this is the schools favorite time of the year because of the energetic feel the campus has when the students are back.

“We have new students coming, and we have our current students returning,” said Dr. Hasseler. “There is a wonderful energy, and we are thrilled to have the year begin.”

Senator Balderson told all of the students the experiences, challenges, and classes they will have at Muskingum University will make them be better students, workers, and people.