Safe driving during the solar eclipse

by Brian Armstrong on August 14, 2017 at 3:38 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  AAA urges drivers safety during the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st.

According to  AAA, people should not attempt to drive during the solar eclipse. Zanesville’s Police Chief, Tony Coury, said if you want to watch the solar eclipse, pull over and don’t drive distracted.

“Remember that there is going to be a lot of people out when the full eclipse does happen,” said Chief Coury. “It will be dark, so you will need to turn your lights on, you need to pay attention to things that go on around you, and remember that other people are looking at it. People will be gazing at it. Try not to drive down the road looking at the eclipse. If you want to look at it and see it, pull over to a safe place.”

Chief Coury compares driving during a solar eclipse to driving at night.

“Keep your headlights on and all your safety equipment, said Chief Coury. ” Just travel the road ways as normal. If it does become very dark out, slow down a little bit, like you normally would at night. Be mindful of others on the road way.”

Chief Coury said you should stay alert to the possibility of other distracted drivers.