Nathaniel Shutt

Sams Club celebrates Grand Re-Opening

by Nathaniel Shutt on August 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- An area business celebrated a grand re-opening after rounds of changes and renovations.

After 11 years in Zanesville, Sams Club re-opened their doors the morning of August 25th with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate months of work improving the store. Improvements include adding appliances, rearranging the store for better flow and the ability to skip check out lines thanks to a new app.

“We have a scan and go app where you can actually go through the whole club, scan everything. Never even have to go through the checkout line. Just show then your barcode on the phone as you go out the door and you don’t even have to wait in line anymore.” said Sams Club Manager, Jacob Adkins.

Also attending today was the very first customers of the store 11 years ago, Reg and Carolyn Winland. Reg and Carolyn live in Blue Rock and were thrilled when Sams Club opened in Zanesville.

“We were in Sams Club and we had to drive to Columbus every month and we were really excited and thrilled that they opened one here and we have been a shopper at Sams probably close to 15 years or more.”

For anyone heading to Sams and wondering where items are located here is a look at the new layout: