Nathaniel Shutt

Award winning journalist speaks on tackling drug addiction

by Nathaniel Shutt on September 13, 2017 at 8:27 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- An award-winning journalist brought his story of opioid addiction to the City of Zanesville.

Journalist and Author, David Sheff spoke to a large crowd at Secrest Auditorium this evening on the impact of addiction after experiencing it first hand when his son became addicted to methamphetamine as a teenager.

“I spent about ten years trying to save his life really. try to get him treatment, try to figure out what was going on what was wrong with him and over the course of that time i realized what a big problem this is and how it affects families. we all think that we are immune but no one is. ”

Sheff hopes those who attended have a new perspective on how to deal with addiction.

“We focus so much on the drugs themselves that we miss what is the essential point which is the question of why people use drugs. and when we can get to the questions of why. you know is it because they are stressed. is it because they have physiological problems like depression or bipolar disorder whatever that hasn’t been treated. if they are having trouble in school whatever it is. once we start to get to that we can prevent drug use and we can prevent addiction. ”

Sheff added he was impressed to see the amount of community involvement in the battle against addiction here in Zanesville.