Brian Armstrong

City Council talks about parking on two roads

by Brian Armstrong on September 11, 2017 at 8:21 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  City Council held their first meeting of the month at Town Hall this evening.

After the roll call and approval of minutes, the council worked through a short list of ordinances on the agenda. The longest topic of discussion was the removal of some parking on Martin and Dresden Roads.

“There’s actually going to be no parking, we are going to extend it further out from the south entrance of Martin Road,” said Public Safety Director Fred Buck. “Mainly because of access for emergency vehicles. We had a lot of people that live in the area come to the traffic committee and was upset that they couldn’t get through. One of them about had an accident. We went up and looked at it with the fire department. The Chief thought that it would be almost impossible to get a truck through if anybody was sitting there.”

Another topic discussed at City Council, was Mayor Jeff Tilton reminding people of the upcoming event, “Imagine: A Clean Community,” on September 13. This event will feature guest speaker, David Sheff, who wrote ‘Beautiful Boy’ and ‘Clean.’ These stories are from a dads perspective of dealing with his sons addiction along with addiction recovery treatments. The next City Council meeting will be Monday, September 25th.