Nathaniel Shutt

City Officials look to bring free internet to Downtown Zanesville

by Nathaniel Shutt on September 13, 2017 at 8:21 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The City of Zanesville is taking steps to ensure that they are  prepared for a rapidly growing digital age.

City officials met with representatives of the intelligent community forum of Dublin, Ohio at the welcome center to further discuss bringing broadband internet to downtown Zanesville. The Community and Regional Economic Specialist for the Purdue Center for Regional Development Roberto Gallardo, discussed the importance of Zanesville embracing the digital age.

” We talked about the digital age today and what it entails and I thin the message is that the digital age is different from the industrial age where density does not necessarily matter a lot and so its a matter of does the community have the will and the tools to make sure that they can prosper in the digital age take advantage of it. ”

To make sure Zanesville can prosper, County Commissioner Mollie Crooks explained that officials need to view broadband as a crucial economic development.

“We have to look at economic development from a global perspective it’s not just our infrastructure it’s not just roads and bridges and water and sewer but it’s also quality of life issues that affect all of our citizens, healthcare, recreation our parks and obviously getting ourselves ramped up for the digital age. ”

City Officials are now looking at possible funding including grants and public entities