Nathaniel Shutt

Community event educates area youth on drug addiction

by Nathaniel Shutt on September 13, 2017 at 8:33 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  The fight on the opioid epidemic continues and the community is working together to educate the youth

Teenagers representing five different schools from Muskingum, Coshocton, Morgan, Perry and Guernsey Counties gathered at Secrest Auditorium to learn of prevention activities that they can take back and implement in their home schools.
“They are going to get a chance to brainstorm ideas for how they can go back to their schools and create awareness and prevention programs that they have come up with and they have designed and they are going to be turned loose to do that. ” said Director of Community Based Services at Allwell Behavioral Health Services Jim Still-Pepper.
Still-pepper also said educating the youth on addiction will help provide outlets for those who are tempted by drugs.
“We also know that when teens talk to teens they listen differently when older people talk to teens. So the hope is that by empowering these youth they will be able to get the ears and hearts of kids that we may not be able to reach because we are adults. “
One school will win 600 dollars for their effort in establishing prevention programs.