Rodneya Ross

McDonald’s Greenhouse and Corn Maze is back in season

by Rodneya Ross on September 17, 2017 at 8:54 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local favorite returns this year bigger and better than ever.

“It was huge and… it’s huge like a big beanstalk,” said 3-year-old Abel Reinbeau.

Covering five acres and standing eight feet tall the corn maze on McDonald’s farm is sure to amaze. Each year the maze features a different theme and design that Susan McDonald and her husband James come up with themselves.

“I’ve wanted to go with a patriotic theme for several years. We have a wonderful world heritage, we also have a Christian heritage and we love our freedom and our country,” said McDonald. “So I wanted to blend those together. So we picked God Bless the USA. And a flag and the Statue of Liberty are two iconic symbols to represent that.”

The farm also offers other activities for those not brave enough to trek through the corn including a pumpkin patch, a concession stand, and more fun.

“The petting zoo, the hayride which is by far the most popular. We have big slides made out of culverts. We have a big box of shelled corn. We have an enchanted forest you can walk through.”

As for the maze, adventurers from young to old wander in not knowing if they’ll ever find the exit. Linda Wells went through the maze with her family and says it didn’t take them too long, but they weren’t sure about the way out.

“It was cute when my grandson said, ‘There’s no way out! There’s no road!’”