Brian Armstrong

South Zanesville United Methodist Church Food Pantry partners with Reisbeck’s

by Brian Armstrong on September 11, 2017 at 3:15 pm

SOUTH ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  South Zanesville United Methodist Church Food Pantry and Reisbeck’s June Park-Way store have partnered up to help out those in need.

The South Zanesville UMC Food pantry has served over 55,000 people to date, which is already more then all of last year. Food Pantry Fundraising Coordinator Conrad Wilkins said they are expecting to serve almost double the number of people who were served last year. He said they need more nonperishable items and people can go to Reisbeck’s in South Zanesville to help.

“We need help with can goods,” said Wilkins. “We’re struggling to get those. They are hard to come by and stay within our budget and still meet the increased demand. Community support, we’ve had here in the pass, is what keeps us going. We serve a large community. Our title is South Zanesville but we serve clear down to Morgan County.”

Bags can be purchased on Saturday, September 16th from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. They are $5 and $10 dollar bags that are already packed with needed nonperishable foods. Wilkins said the prepackaged bags makes it easier for people to donate exactly what food the pantry needs.

“The South Zanesville food pantry contacted me and wanted to know if we could help them with a food drive,” said South Zanesville Reisbeck’s Store Operator Bill Loewendick. “They’re going to get the fire department involved and set up out front. We will have $5 and $10 bags to sell in the store and the bags will be donated to the food pantry.”

The food pantry will also be accepting donations on Saturday at Reisbeck’s. All money donated will be used to purchase food from Reisbeck’s.