Karysa Kent

Walk to end Alzheimer

by Karysa Kent on September 9, 2017 at 6:33 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Locals came together the morning of September 9, 2017 to walk for Alzheimer awareness.

Greater East Ohio Area Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association held a ceremony and walk at Ohio University Zanesville’s Campus. Community Development Coordinator, Genevieve Bohnak explained the ceremony is held for the Promise Flower Garden, so people could stand up and be recognized by their relationship to this disease.

“We have representatives that have the promise flowers that the colors represent different relationships with the disease,” Bohnak said. “So they come on stage and we do a really cool ceremony where essentially you know we’re all here for different reasons, but ultimately we’re here for one reason and that’s to end Alzheimer’s.”

Each person is given four different options for flower colors. Blue flowers are given to those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, yellow flowers are given to caretakers for people who have the disease, purple flowers are for those who have lost a loved one with the disease, and orange flowers are for people not connected to anyone with the disease, but want to support the mission. According to the Alzheimer’s Association website when everyone with a flower stand together that creates their Promise Flower Garden.

The Alzheimer’s Association started planning the ceremony in January and are now pleased to see the amount of people who were ready to walk. Bohnak said this event keeps growing and more people attend the walk each year.

“People are becoming more aware of the disease, more people are going to be affected by it as our baby boomers are ageing and getting into the high prevalence rates,” said Bohnak. “So I think as people become more aware of it they’re more effected by it. People want to come together and end this disease, because it is a very devastating disease.”

According to the Zanesville events registry page over $25,000 was raised this year with 28 teams participating. Donations will go towards Alzheimer treatments and studies in hopes to find a cure.

We try to keep this a very happy joyous moment, but there are emotions especially during the Promise Flower Garden Ceremony. Where emotions do come, but overall it’s very empowering and motivating. We’re here together and we are going to help end this disease.