Karysa Kent

Absentee Voting for November election

by Karysa Kent on October 12, 2017 at 4:18 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Absentee Voting started this week and registered voters are able start early voting.

Muskingum County Board of Elections held absentee voting during open hours. Executive Director Tim Thompson said people who apply for absentee voting can just come in and ask for a ballot.

“We’ll get an application for them, have them fill out an I.D. Envelope, and while they’re doing that we’ll be printing a ballot and a couple of labels,” Thompson said. “Then once that process is done the voter will go into the room next door, sit down at the table, mark their ballot, fill in the ovals completely, seal it up in the envelope, and put it here in the ballot box.”

Thompson said people who are out-of-town or wish to have a ballot mailed to them need to apply and request an absentee ballot to be mailed at least ten days before the election day on November 7, 2017.

“If they’re not able to get to the polls on election day a person can come in and get an absentee application fill that out and then we can mail a ballot to them before election day and they can mail it back to us or they can bring it back and put it in our ballot box that sits out front,” said Thompson.

The Muskingum County Board of Elections is open Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. until October 30, 2017. When the office will extend their hours of operation to 7:00 P.M.