Nathaniel Shutt

Colony Square Mall hosting Small Business Expo

by Nathaniel Shutt on October 11, 2017 at 6:53 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  The mall is on call for all small businesses.

The Colony Square Mall is hosting the Small Business Expo October 21st from 10 am to 9 pm and is open to any small business.

“We just see that there is an area of so many people who are running small businesses and those people are at work in their 40 hour work week and then coming home every night and working into the late hours trying to get their hobby put together or special skill they are working on and they are putting in a lot of hours in the week towards the small business and we want to give them a chance to highlight themselves. ” said Event Organizer, Sara Shallcross

Shallcross invites the community to come check out new and upcoming businesses.

“With this event what we are hoping is small businesses will come out they can build their client list add to their team members and really just showcase their products and say hey I’m here and I have a solution to maybe you are looking for some new clothing some essential oils things like that. I have those solutions and the products that can help you with that just come out and check it out. ”

The registration deadline is October 18th and all businesses will have a 99 dollar display fee. To register or for more information call Shallcross at 740-452-5431.