Nathaniel Shutt

Genesis Hospice celebrates 30 years

by Nathaniel Shutt on October 11, 2017 at 6:32 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Genesis hospice is celebrating a big milestone in its continuing service to the community.

Since opening in the summer of 1987 Morrison House is celebrating 30 years of hospice care and part of the celebration involved a picnic lunch earlier on Wednesday. Cindy Lanning who has worked for over 20 years as a registered nurse for the inpatient unit, hopes this is one celebration that lasts a lifetime.

“You drive by here you are going to see this building and we have been here 30 years and I’m sure we are going to be here at least 30 more years we are not planning on going anywhere and it’s just as a hospice nurse I can’t tell you how many people have blessed me over the years ”

She said one of those blessings came when tragedy struck her over just a matter of months.

“A year and a half I lost three parents basically in a six month period time. My in-laws within 19 days of each other and my mother and what they did for me because I was so many visits with them where making sure they had their medications and making sure they had all their needs met making sure that they had their bath done they had this done and when hospice came in I could just be their daughter and daughter in law. ”

Lanning added that just like her experience, Genesis Hospice is lighting candles of hope for thousands of patients in the darkest of times and believes they will for years to come.