Nathaniel Shutt

Ohio Dept of Public Safety shares Community Safety Tips

by Nathaniel Shutt on October 5, 2017 at 6:46 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A nation is in mourning and now the Ohio Department of Public Safety is offering tips to help keep Ohio communities safe.

While a tragedy can strike at anytime and anywhere Director, John Born, said the most important thing to do is report any suspicious activity.

“So the two most important things that people can do is number one engage if they see something say something and that is a national campaign maybe something very small but in most cases the greatest tragedies that are diverted are a result of someone speaking up and doing something. ”

Born noted another step is assuming the same responsibility citizens took during World War II.

“We have to make sure we have that same responsibility that I think existed even during times for example of World War II where you had the entire community watching out for themselves making sure they are taking care of the neighbor making sure whether it was a threat from terrorism or it’s just making sure that you are taking care of your neighbor or the people who are around you in addition to your family. That’s how we make not only our state and community safer but a safer country.”

Born added nothing is going to prevent every bad thing from happening but taking measures can prevent many tragedies.