Rodneya Ross

Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra opens season

by Rodneya Ross on October 15, 2017 at 9:09 pm

NEW CONCORD, Ohio- The Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra opens their season tonight at Muskingum University.

The Orchestra will take the stage at Brown Chapel to open their 44th season. The musicians come from all around Southeast Ohio including Zanesville, Cambridge, and New Concord and features students from local high schools and Muskingum University. The show will feature music from two legendary artists and an original piece the Orchestra’s Director and Conductor Laura E. Schumann, composed of the two artists work.

“So we’re doing some of Mozart and Michael Jackson’s most famous tunes. And in fact, I took a little bit of time and put together a piece I call Mozart Michael Morph. And that is, what if they worked together? What if Mozart and Michael did something together. So I took a little bit of the Mozart Symphony and morphed it together with thriller.”

Guest Artist Andrew Sords will join the Orchestra in their performance tonight. Sords is an award winning violinist who has performed around the world. Sords took time to get to know members of the Orchestra and beyond.

“He’s amazing. And he’s doing an amazing job. We’ve done some Facebook live programs with him. He’s gone out to the schools. He went to Zanesville High School. He went to John Glenn High School. Worked with the students. Played for the students.”

The Orchestra will continue their season with two performances next month. You can find more information on their website