Rodneya Ross

Car ride service Lyft makes its way to Zanesville

by Rodneya Ross on January 12, 2018 at 5:31 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A car ride service has made its way to Zanesville.

Imagine you’re running late for work…your car won’t start…but you have to get there somehow. So what do you do? Well the answer is right here in your phone.

“You request the ride through the app. You pay through the app. You tip through the app,” said Lyft driver Justin Devoll. “Everything is done entirely confined on to that service.

The service is called Lyft. It’s a free app that lets you request a ride and within minutes a driver will pick you up. Devoll said the app offers passengers a convenience they won’t get from a traditional cab.

“When you request a ride, you can actually see on the app through the GPS where exactly I am. If you’re…if I’m on the north end and you’re on the south end and you want to know, it gives you an estimated time of my arrival anyway, but you can actually zoom out on the GPS on the app and see exactly where my vehicle is at.”

Devoll said services like Lyft can be a safer route for passengers because of the safety measures set in place such as being able to identify your driver through their picture on the app before entering their vehicle.

“When I arrive as a driver, the passenger receives a text message saying that the ride has arrived. It will give a description of my vehicle. Which, again, you need to put in when you apply to be a driver. It’ll say white Kia Soul. It’ll give a license plate number, and it will give my name,” said Devoll.

Another thing Devoll said sets Lyft apart from cabs is the rating system set in place. Both drivers and passengers are able to rate their experience with one another and this helps keep standards high. Such as drivers keeping clean cars and offering amenities.

“You want to make sure that it doesn’t smell. You want to make sure that you don’t smell. You want to make sure that you can offer certain conveniences such as a charging cord or an auxiliary cable or even a bottle of water to your passenger.”

In addition to offering another transportation option, Lyft also gives those looking for an additional source of income a job opportunity. Drivers keep 100 percent of their tips and can earn perks based off their performance.

“The main thing with Lyft is, especially if you’re only driving during peak hours, is there’s a lot of benefits. Lyft offers a lot of perks,” said Devoll. “There are four tiers that you can reach as a driver. If you hold at least a 90% acceptance rate then you’ll earn this perk.” 

Devoll said it’s easy to get started as a driver.

“They do do extensive background checks. They will let you know on the app what you need to be able to sign up. They will do a background check, they will do an insurance check, drivers license, everything.” 

Devoll said one reason Lyft is so popular is because it can be a cheaper option compared to traditional cab services, but right now there aren’t enough drivers in the area to meet the demand.