Rodneya Ross

EMA briefs County Commissioners on tornado sirens and radio towers

by Rodneya Ross on January 4, 2018 at 6:19 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency met with the County Commissioners to discuss sirens and radio towers in the county.

The EMA keeps track of the locations of the 44 sirens and towers across the county. Jeff Jadwin, the Director of the EMA, said they periodically meet with the commissioners to provide updates on the sirens.

“The Commissioners needed to know where the towers were. Where the radio, you know, tornado sirens were. And what property they’re on because some of them are on private property. Some of them are on fire department property. So all this stuff, we give them all the information they needed today.”

During the meeting, Jadwin updated the commissioners on the condition of the sirens and towers.

“All the tornado sirens are working properly. Some of them are getting rather old so we discussed with them that we need the budget to replace some of them. So they’re going to look at that. The radio towers, everything’s up and running so that the fire departments, and ambulances, and sheriff’s and all of that can be dispatched.”

Jadwin said the EMA is responsible for maintaining the tornado and warning sirens, while the Sheriff’s Office is taking over responsibility for the radio towers and their maintenance.