Karysa Kent

Locals stock up for the snow storm

by Karysa Kent on January 12, 2018 at 3:38 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Locals were busy doing last-minute shopping on Friday at Riesbeck’s Food Market in preparation for the storm.

Riesbeck’s Lead Packer, Rodney Price, acknowledged the Howard street location has been busy these last two days with the increase in customers shopping.

“It’s been very busy we’ve had people coming in and try to get some of their things that they need,” Price said. “So in case they get snowed in or frozen in for two or three days. They’re getting bread, milk, just some things they know they’ll need.”

As cancellations were announced and some of the schools let out early, Scott Strickland came in to make sure the cupboards were full at his house.

“I’m getting a few things that we need,” Strickland said. “Some bread, milk, eggs, some of the necessities and stuff like that. I heard it’s going to be pretty bad, so I’ll get a few extra things. Kids are getting out of school early today. I’m going to get some stuff, get it done, and get back home.”

Customers weren’t just focused on the food, Price said that shovels, winter salt, and other melting mixes were being purchased as well.