Karysa Kent

ODOT is prepared for the storm

by Karysa Kent on January 12, 2018 at 4:20 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Ohio Department of Transportation District 5 has been busy this past week preparing their trucks for the snow storm.

Muskingum County Manager Phil Valentine explained they’ll have crews plowing over 700 miles worth of open lanes from Dresden to Cumberland and New Concord to Gratiot.

“This evening with the ice on the front end, we’re going to have about 19 drivers out,” Valentine said. “On top of that we’ll end up with two semi-tankers out on Interstate 70, putting down just the straight liquids and de-icers. It’ll help break the bond or keep the bond from occurring on the ice.”

Valentine admitted that the rain has washed away any left over salt residue from the last snow fall and any type of pre-treatment sprayed before the freezing mix would also be washed away.

“On the plus side what’s different to this [snow fall] from the last one, is over the last few days this nice weather has helped warm the ground back up,” Valentine said. “So fortunately the front end when it’s ice and starts hitting the ground, the warm temperatures on the ground will help keep it from bonding to the pavement.”

Valentine said there is a chance that winds will have gusts reaching up to 30 miles per hour.

“We’re counting on tomorrow having a lot of blowing snow and possibly some drifting snow depending on how much accumulation,” Valentine said. “So we’re going to have a lot of time tomorrow that we’re going to be waiting for the winds to die down or knocking back that blowing snow. So that’s where we can see us being around a lot longer tomorrow clearing the roads.”

By Sunday January 12, 2018 Valentine thinks the roads should be cleared and O.D.O.T. will be preparing the trucks for the next snow fall.