Rodneya Ross

Zanesville High School students speak at Ethnic Food Fair

by Rodneya Ross on January 12, 2018 at 4:37 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- An annual tradition highlighting different cultures took over the Campus Center at Zane State-OUZ this morning.

Students in the Culinary Arts Program at Zane State College prepared four different cuisines for the 26th annual Ethnic Food Fair. Under the direction of Chef Marco Adornetto the students created a menu featuring food from German, Italian, Indian, and Soul backgrounds. Chef Marco Adornetto, the Culinary Arts Program Coordinator, said the students began preparing the food at seven in the morning and were anticipating the big event.

“The students are real excited. This is how they shine. This is when they really get to explore different cuisines and really do large quantity cooking.”

Along with the food, the crowd got to hear from students from Zanesville High School who are part of a 12th grade Redesign Program in partnership with Zane State. Four of the 24 students gave speeches honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Laura Thompkins, the Principal of Zanesville High School, said the program helped the students plan their futures.

“So these students had not planned out their futures or they had some barriers that they needed to overcome so Zane State and Zanesville High School have been working together to invite them to take part in the program.”

The students took developmental courses at the high school and will begin courses at Zane State next week.