Rodneya Ross

Muskingum Rec Center keeps facility flu free

by Rodneya Ross on February 13, 2018 at 5:39 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- When you workout at the gym you usually share equipment with countless others making it very easy to spread germs.

Now with the number of flu cases rising the Muskingum County Recreation Center is working to keep their facility safe. Libby Hardwick, Aquatic and Sports Manager, said the center cleans all of the equipment each night and checks them again before opening. She said they also rely on members to do their part.

“I would highly recommend anyone going into a gym to sanitize their equipment before they exercise. Throughout our facility, we have cleansing stations as you can see over here to my right, where we have disinfectant and rags for our members to use to wipe down the equipment.”

Hardwick said members should also wipe the equipment once they’re done using it to help keep them germ-free. Hardwick said members should also stay home if they have a fever or other symptoms of the flu such as body aches. She said staying home is just one of the way members can protect themselves and others.

“I think the most important thing for our members to do to prevent the spread of the flu infection is hand washing. You can’t stress that enough. And it’s not just a quick run of your hands underwater you need to soap up your hands. You need to sing a song to yourself to make sure that you get from your wrists all the way from your palms to the top of your hands.”

Hardwick said there are hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym that members can utilize to keep their hands clean during their workout.