Briana Malaska

Sheriff Lutz talks dangers of 911 hang-up calls

by Briana Malaska on February 12, 2018 at 6:03 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio– After the tragic loss of two officers in Westerville, Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz provided some insight on how dangerous 911 hang-up calls can be.

Lutz said when officers respond to an unknown 911 call they aren’t equipped with the background information to know what type of situation they are entering. He said this puts those responding at a disadvantage.

“Law enforcement officers are trained to expect the unexpected and you know you always want to be familiar with your surroundings but we’re at such a disadvantage now,” said Lutz. “I think when you start looking at the calls they’re sent on with the drug problem and our mental health issues that we have now there’s just no certainty.”

The incident is one that hits close to home for the sheriff’s department after two of their own have been lost in the line of duty. Deputy Robert Tanner Jr. was fatally shot during a traffic stop in 2002 and Lt. Mike Lutz was killed while responding to a convenience store robbery in 1994.

“You know this really hits home for us because you know it can happen anywhere,” said Lutz.

He stressed the importance of the motto ‘if you see something, say something,’ because it could save a life.