Rodneya Ross

South Zanesville Fire Department alerts residents about new key box system

by Rodneya Ross on February 13, 2018 at 5:46 pm

SOUTH ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local fire department is now offering a service to residents to purchase that will help first responders better assist them during an emergency.

The South Zanesville Fire Department is now offering Knoxboxes to its residents. The box is similar to a regular key box outside of your home. You simply install it and then the fire department comes and locks it.

“So basically if you own a home you can buy this box. It’s about $170 and you can have a key for us to access your home. The important thing about these is that only the fire department can access it,” said Firefighter Jacob Waltemire.

Waltemire said this is beneficial if your fire alarm is going off but you’re not home or if you call 911 for an emergency but by the time they arrive you’re unresponsive. The Knoxbox saves precious time first responders need to get you help.

“Where if we have to force it open with tools it could take another 2, 3, 4 minutes depending on how secure the door is,” said Waltemire. “If we can’t get into your house we have to break your door open. Which obviously causes extra costs and extra money.”

South Zanesville residents interested in getting a Knoxbox for their home can visit the South Zanesville Fire Department’s website and click the link to purchase.