Elizabeth Morehead

Blood drive to honor cancer patients

by Elizabeth Morehead on April 20, 2018 at 5:23 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – People were able to join two families in their fight against Leukemia.

A blood drive was held at the Muskingum Recreation Center by the American Red Cross in honor of those fighting cancer. Lindsey Hubal and Katie Wilhelm both have children fighting Leukemia and wanted to organize this drive because many don’t realize how much blood cancer patients need.

“So when people go through chemotherapy, chemotherapy kills the bad cells and it also kills the good cells,” said Wilhelm “So it’s extremely important when people are going through chemo that there’s blood available because their body will need it.”

Hubul said the drive was not only a chance to donate blood but to help children who might be diagnosed with cancer in the future.

“Well I’m hoping for a goal of 100 units donated,” said Hubul. “I don’t think that’s very common, they usually have around 50 or 60 is what we’ve heard and I think we can get 100 today. When she was diagnosed, she already needed blood automatically because the Leukemia was already attacking her bone marrow and she didn’t have a blood supply to like sustain her life.”

Both families are thankful for the support they’ve received from the community during the treatment of their children and for those that came to donate blood.

“People have just been coming out of the woodwork everywhere,” said Wilhelm. “Family, friends, neighbors, from church, school. People have witnessed first hand both of our kids going through treatment. Its just one of those things that most people can give back and do. Most people can donate blood.”

The blood drive runs until 7 P.M. Friday, April 20 at the Muskingum Recreation Center.